Early History of St. Tarcisius Parish

Our Motto: All are Welcome

St. Tarcisius Parish was founded in 1907 by the Rev. Pietro Maschi, a member of the order of Scalabrini Missionaries of St. Charles, to minister to the many Italian immigrants in the area at that time. The first services were held in an upstairs room of a building across from the train station on Waverly Street in downtown Framingham.

 Fr. Maschi placed the parish under the spiritual protection of the paleo-Christian martyr, St. Tarcisius.  Tarcisius was the young boy who protected the Eucharistic Christ with his life.  With this inspiration before us, and Fr. Maschiís dedication behind us, the parish pledges continued service to the migrant Christ and His Church.

The first church, built by the men of the parish, was located to the front of the present church. The rectory was located approximately where the present church is today.